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Insecticida OleatBio 250 ml



Biological Insecticide

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Efficacy against: Whitefly, Mealybugs and Aphids.

Security time: 3 days.

Environment: OLEATBIO products do not negatively influence soil, air or groundwater, plants or animals. Danish and American scientists endorse that the products, by their nature, do not harm the environment and decompose rapidly into carbonates. Storage: As they do not affect the environment or living beings and are not flammable, they have great advantages in their storage and handling. Does not create resistance: By having a mechanical operating effect destroying the protective layer of the insect and not by means of genetic flanks such as current chemical insecticides, OLEATBIO prevents insects from developing their resistance.

When mixing other plant protection products with OLEATBIO it may be necessary to decrease the recommended dose of these.

It is not recommended to combine with products that enhance its action, or with sulfur.

The treatment mode is the traditional one: high pressure and low volume equipment. This product is effective in a liquid state, with the need to physically reach the insect. Therefore, it is important to carry out the treatment through fumigation, with the aim of reaching the entire treated plant (wetting the leaves on both sides), so that the result is 100%.

Potassium salts of vegetable origin 27%

10 to 20 cc per liter.


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Insecticida OleatBio 250 ml

Insecticida OleatBio 250 ml

Biological Insecticide

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