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Diatomeas Soil 1Kg

Diatomeas Soil 1Kg

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Natural Insecticide



Diatomeas soil is an excellent natural physical-mechanical insecticide that fights against aphids, mites, whiteflies, bedbugs, ants, etc.

Authorized for ecological applications, it works by absorbing the internal liquids of the insects so they die dehydrated.
Diatomaceous earth is microscopic algae fossilized over millions of years, which act as a natural insecticide, being totally harmless to people.
Micronized diatomaceous earth is especially suitable for mixing with water and applying by spraying.

The recommended dose:
-10 to 20 gr / liter of water for light pests
-20 to 30 gr / liter of water for severe pests
-It can also be applied as a sunscreen in summer, to cover the leaves and avoid damage from excess heat stroke, in doses of 40gr / liter of water
It can also be used as a fertilizer applied directly, or by spraying to the substrate, which provides minerals and trace elements essential for the development of plants, mainly iron and magnesium. As fertilizer it can be applied by spraying in doses of 40gr / liter of water, applying the mixture `directly to the substrate.


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