Huwa-San TR-50 5Kg

Huwa-San TR-50 5Kg

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Bactericide, fungicide, viricide, algaecide



Bactericide, fungicide, viricide, algaecide



• Eliminates biofilm, preventing algae growth.

• Removes all incrustations and mineral deposits formed.

• Cleans irrigation pipes and prevents clogging of nozzles.

• Disinfects irrigation water from all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

• In case of sewage spills, Huwa-San reacts with sulfur compounds that eliminate the production of H2S, causing a bad odor.


• By reacting with micro-organisms and organic matter, Huwa-San supplies a large amount of oxygen in the root part which is very beneficial for plants. Safely increases dissolved oxygen level in nutrient and fertilizer solutions to stimulate growth. It also controls harmful pathogens.


• Stimulates the plant to produce natural components to fight diseases. • Provides resistance to the plant in stress situations such as during the cutting stages.

• It can kill the eggs and larvae of some insects.

• Increases the tolerance to saline stress of plants by increasing their photosynthetic activities.

• Decreases the frequency of treatments when used according to the preventive treatment program.


Huwa-San in contact with surfaces of any type disinfects and prevents the transmission of pathogens by contact with boxes, containers, rods, vibrators, combs, baskets and all that machinery in contact with the tree.


1. REPILO (Cycloconium oleaginym)

2. VERTICILOSIS (Verticillium dahliae) FOLIAR APPLICATION (1-5%)

3. TUBERCULOSIS (Pseudomonas Savastoni)

4. BLACK OLIVE TREE (Capnodium sp.)

5. LEAD EVIL (Cercospora cladosporoide)

Disinfectant, fungicide, bactericide

Sustainable disinfection based on hydrogen peroxide.

Colorless, Odorless, Biodegradable


Huwa-San TR-50 can be used for:

1) Irrigation water

2) Elimination of biofilm in water systems (sprinklers, drip irrigation, circulating water) 3) Disinfection of surfaces, floors, walls and equipment in agriculture (greenhouses, hydroponics, hydroponic crops, etc.)
4) Soil / substrate disinfection
5) Disinfection of surfaces of complete greenhouses by vaporization (“fogging”)

Huwa-San TR-50 is suitable for the removal of bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores and algae.

Instructions for use

1) Disinfection of irrigation water

Starting with a clean system, the recommended dose to prevent the growth of microorganisms is 20 to 40 ppm of Huwa-San TR-50 (20 to 40 ml of Huwa-San per 1000 liters of water). With Huwa-San TR-50 an optimal microbiological quality of the water is ensured and the growth of algae is prevented.

2) Removal of biofilm

Huwa-San TR-50 can be used to clean water systems and remove biofilm. Fill the system with a corresponding Huwa-San concentration according to the table below:


How to dilute

Contact time


1-2 liters of Huwa-San / 100 liters of water

1 a 2 hours


0.1-0.2 l (100-200 ml) Huwa-San / 100 l water

24 hours

It is important to fill the system completely with the indicated concentration. This can be controlled at the end tap of the system by measuring strips. Let the concentration act for the desired time, ensuring that the system has ventilation at various points, since oxygen can form during the removal of the biofilm. Then rinse the system thoroughly to remove any released dirt (biofilm). This water cannot be used to irrigate crops. Rinse the system with pure tap water until the presence of Huwa-San is no longer measured in the rinse water at the final tap of the system.

3) Disinfection of surfaces, floors, walls and equipment

First, wash and thoroughly rinse surfaces, floors, walls and equipment with water. Depending on the contact time, the recommended Huwa-San concentration varies between 2% and 6%.


How to dilute

Tiempo de contacto


2 liters of Huwa-San / 100 liters of water

60 minutes


6 liters of Huwa-San / 100  liters of wate

5 minutes

3.1) Surfaces, floors and walls

Spray the surface with the 2-6% dilute solution. Use the amount necessary to keep the surface moist during the contact time.
Leave on for 5-60 minutes. Rinse, if desired. If not, dry the surfaces and floors.

3.2) Equipment

Immerse the material and equipment in a 1-2% solution of Huwa-San and leave to act for at least 15 minutes. After rinsing the material, if desired.

4) Fogging

Apply 3-6% Huwa-San with a nebulizer device for at least 1 hour. Make sure that the nebulization is carried out in such a way that all the surfaces to be treated are reached.


How to dilute


3 liters of Huwa-San / 100 liters of water


6 liters of Huwa-San / 100 liters of water


- biodegradable
- does not foam
- odorless and colorless
- completely miscible with water
- wide pH range
- maintains its disinfecting effect up to a temperature of 95oC
- remains active and effective in the absence of contamination (deposit effect)


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