Diatical 1Kg

Diatical 1Kg

: 07109
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Limestone Amendment




Limestone Amendment

It is a product developed to provide the plant with an effective stimulation during the rooting, sprouting, flowering and fruiting stages, as well as to correct or prevent Calcium deficiencies.

Its effects are appreciated quickly and it acts over a long period of time, this is especially important in soils where a deficiency has been revealed or in crops with a high calcium demand. It has the capacity to displace sodium from the wet bulb and favors the absorption of nutrients.

The systematic application of the product contributes to mitigate a large number of physiopathies generated in areas of active growth such as fruit mulching (bitter pit), foliar necrosis, apical rot (tip burn), etc.

Granulometry: Soluble powder

Guaranteed wealth

Total Calcium Oxide (CaO) ... 25% w / w.

Neutralizing value ... 40%

Applied both in irrigation and by foliar route.


From 10 to 20gr per liter, once a week.


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