Liquid PK Fertilizer SEIKI 500ml

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Liquid GROWTH fertilizer



Liquid PK Fertilizer SEIKI 500ml

Potassium Phosphite - PK - is a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium, which favors flowering and fruiting.

The action of phosphorus in the form of phosphite ion, combined with potassium, stimulates growth and acts on the hormonal system, activating the production of phytoalexins, stimulating the self-defense mechanisms of plants and producing a strengthening of the fundamental tissues of the trunk and of the roots.

As a fungicide, it prevents the appearance of fungal soil diseases, such as Phytophora.

Being a nitrogen-free fertilizer, it is ideal for the autumn season, favoring the accumulation of nutrient reserves.


In irrigation: Apply 4 to 5 ml per liter of water.

Via Foliar: Apply from 1 to 3ml per liter of water.

Its use is recommended from the birth of the first leaves in spring until mid-September.


42% (p/v) or 30% (p/p) phosphorus (P205) diluted in water.

28% (w/v) or 20% (w/w) of potassium (K20) soluble in water.


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