ProNeem Flour 450gr

ProNeem Flour 450gr

: 07100
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Organic solid fertilizer



100% Neem Flour. Ecological.

PRONEEM is an organic solid fertilizer for use in soil, the nutrients are absorbed by the root and distributed by vascular tissues. 


It promotes root development, favoring the development of secondary roots. It contains organic matter and polysaccharides that in addition to improving the physical characteristics of the soil facilitate the growth of beneficial microorganisms for the plant.


100% Neem Flour. Ecological.

The remains of seed and pulp from the Neem extraction are composted and dried and passed through a mill that grinds it until it leaves it in powder form. The raw material has been obtained by organic farming and is free of insecticides or other substances

Dose and how to use

Application in irrigation water: 1 g PRONEEM per liter of water

Mezclado en el sustrato: 2-4 g PRONEEM per liter of water

Aplicación Foliar: 4-5 g PRONEEM per liter of water



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