TAKAGI - Watering Shower

: 04023
VAT included

With 6 Irrigation patterns



TAKAGI - Japanese Watering Shower

With 6 watering patterns.

Switch to regulate the volume of water.

Compatible with normal hoses (inner diameter 12/15mm, outer diameter 21mm)

The water pressure can be regulated, and also fixed. The sprayer is made of UV resistant plastic with an aluminum interior. The protective rubber ring around the head protects against bumps and falls.

The pattern of the Water can be changed to 6 unique positions:

  • great gentle shower
  • fine mist
  • aerosol
  • concentrated spray
  • punctual shower
  • a single flow

Switch between water flow (on) and water stop (off) with a click.

The amount of water flow can be adjusted with the handle on the thumb between a large and now volume of water.

The Softgrip handle makes the sprayer easy to grip.

The shower is supplied with a water stop connector that allows you to disconnect the shower from the hose with a click, without the water flowing anymore, even when the pressure is still in the water hose. Width x depth x height: 150x75x140mm

Creator: TAkagi (Japan)


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