6 Wood Gouges Set - Matsu

: matsu-08
VAT included




Set of 6 Wood Gouges

Jin and shari carving tools, for carving dead wood.

The tool measures 155mm long and the widest point of the gouge's mouth is 6-11mm wide.

These tools help you easily and safely remove bark and cambium from branches when working with jins and shari, create beautiful dead wood on your bonsai, and refine existing dead wood.

The various shapes allow you to reach inside corners and the edges between branches with the tip of the gouge, but also allow large amounts of bark to be removed with the sides of the gouge with the least effort.

The tools feature comfortable stainless steel handles. The edges are sharp enough to cut through the bark and cambium smoothly and with control.

Measurements of the Case closed: 28.5x20.5cm and opened 28.5x30cm


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