Superthrive 120ml

Superthrive 120ml

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Superthrive is a powerful invigorating, rooting and growth stimulant, formulated with vitamins and hormones, which is used as a complement to the normal fertilizer and that fortifies and invigorates trees.

Superthrive stimulates plant growth dramatically.

Very useful as a recuperator of damaged, weak, or plants with little activity.

Strengthens trees against pests and fungi.

Superthrive is a very concentrated formulation, so a bottle lasts a long time.

Dosage and Use:
The soil can be applied, by foliar spray or by soaking the root.
For general use or maintenance, use at a dose of 0.3ml / liter (1ml of Superthrive for every 3 liters of water), weekly, daily, or constantly, as needed.
It can be used mixed with the general fertilizer.

To improve seed germination, use at the same dose, keeping the seeds soaked for 15 minutes.

After applying Superthrive diluted in water, it is preferable not to water the tree in the following 24 hours.

In transplant, it can be had bare root, or root ball, immersed in a solution of 1ml / liter of water for 15-30 minutes.

120ml bottle.


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