Fertilizer Lombrico Bonsai Calcium 1L

Fertilizer Lombrico Bonsai Calcium 1L

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Lombrico Bonsai Calcio is a nutritional product rich in calcium, which includes fulvic acids in its formulation, which guarantee the total absorption of the element by the plant.

Calcium works by promoting the absorption of other nutrients in the roots and enabling their translocation, it also actively participates in the organization of the cell membrane, in the consolidation of the cell wall and in the mechanisms of cell division. The fulvic acids present in the product will have a positive effect on the natural development of the plant.
By acting to consolidate the cell walls, calcium has an improving effect on the mechanical resistance of the stems.


Total nitrogen (N) 7.5% w / w
Potassium (K2O) water soluble 2,0% w / w
Calcium (CaO) soluble in water 11.0% w / w
Total organic matter 25.0% w / w
pH = 4.0
Density = 1.4 kg / L


LOMBRICO BONSÁI CALCIO is an organic fertilizer of plant origin, enriched with easily assimilable calcium.
Calcium is essential for the cultivation of most bonsai that come from calcareous soils, such as olive, juniper, pine, boxwood.
Do not use in pure calcifugas, or in bonsai that require acid soils, such as Japanese maples, azaleas, camellias, gardenias, magnolias, persimmons, strawberry trees, cork oaks, oaks, and some species of the genus prunus.

Dosification and method of use

SOIL APPLICATION: 3 mL / L three to four times a year, essential in bonsai that are watered with soft or osmosis water.

Note: 1 stopper = 30 mL



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