HB-101 Vitaliser 500ml

HB-101 Vitaliser 500ml

: 07021B
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Natural japanese Vitaliser



Natural japanese Vitaliser

HB-101 is a natural Japanese invigorating, made with extracts of very long-lived trees such as cedars, cryptomeria, pines and plantain, making it totally ecological and harmless to humans, animals and soils. It does not contain any toxic ingredients.

Very effective for all types of plants and bonsai: deciduous, coniferous, flower trees, etc.

  • Revitalizes trees, they grow better, more robust, improves the color of flower leaves and fruits.
  • Improves the development of the root system.
  • It repels insects and makes plants more resistant to fungal attacks.

How to use:
Dilute in water at the desired dose:
from 0.01ml of HB-101 / liter of water to 1ml of HB-101 / liter of water, and apply it by irrigation or by spraying. In this case, apply it to both the upper and lower sides of the leaves for greater absorption and efficiency. Repeat the same treatment once a week.
HB-101 is super concentrated and small amounts must be used, making it economical. With a 10ml bottle of HB-101 you can prepare up to 10,000 liters of invigorating solution.

If you use HB-101 your bonsai will grow stronger and healthier.


SODIUM: 41mg/l

CALCIUM: 33 mg/l

Iron: 1.8 mg/l

MAGNESIUM: 3.3 mg/l

SILICON: 7.4 mg/l

NITROGEN: 97 mg/l

Cadmium: NOT detected

Arsenic: NOT detected


Crude protein: 0.1%

Crude fat: 0.4%

Coarse ash: 0% (trace)

Raw sugar: 0%


HB-101 UNdiluted: pH 3.5/4 (acid)

HB-101 1000 times solution: pH 6.5 (weakly acidic)


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