Mycoplant Powder 5gr

Mycoplant Powder 5gr

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mycorrhizal fungus



MycoPlant is a product based on fungi, the endomicorrizas, which will create a symbiosis in the roots and contribute to a better development of the plant. This product offers its plants the best possible start helping the vegetable during this critical period.


The mycorrhizal fungus is installed in the roots and develops its filaments in the soil. The plant uses the fungus to regulate its diet in minerals, in trace elements and in water. We have selected a mycorrhizal strain for its effectiveness in different pedo-climatic contexts. The beneficial effects of symbiosis:

· Mycorrhizae improve and balance MINERAL NUTRITION.

· Mycorrhized roots optimally exploit SOIL WATER RESOURCES, allowing to fight against water stress and DROUGHT.

· BIOLOGICAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY of the soil is favored by mycorrhizae.

· The mycelic network of mycorrhizae improves both the constitution of aggregates and the structure of the soil.


Active matter: Mycorrhizal strain, Glomus intraradices, 400 active spores / g.

Other inert ingredients: Clay, Peat, Silica. Density: 690 g per liter.

Humidity: 5%


1 g per plant (the equivalent of a teaspoon of rasa) in a glass of water. Or mix together with substrate at a rate of 1 g per plant.

Apply next to the trunk. Do not use filters, do not apply with fungicides.


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